You want it, you got it.

Ho messo fine all'indecisione,
poi tutto quanto è automatico
e ogni cosa è la soluzione
anche se non vedo la luce
in mezzo al buio sento lo schifo
poi capovolto da me mi sento bene
e intanto aspetto
l'inizio dei miei guai.

Agosto è un mese perfetto, perfetto per fare casini.
Tokyo fast, Tokyo freedom. Tokyo images never leaving my mind. Tokyo abunai.
It felt so much like home that now it doesn't really feel like I'm back to my real life. I live my days here like I'm in a fucking airport, waiting for my flight, waiting to go away again. There's nothing left for me in this place, and this place knows it. My heart is numb. Why would I bother having feelings here anyway..
August is just the perfect time to mess things up..don't you reckon?
Of course I would never take the easy way, should have figured by now..and Tokyo, you know you're a bitch cause you're not making it any easier. You know what I mean.
I want more of you, I want more of him.
I need more crazy nights, I need more 五時まで. I need more walking back home at 5 a.m., when you can sing lullabies to the drunk souls sleeping on the sidewalks. The survivors that walk around the city lost their mask somewhere in the night, and they look so beautiful. I exchanged looks with those fragile, flawless dolls and their smeared makeup let everything through. Real. What's the point in being someone else at 5 a.m. in a shattered Shinjuku?
I need more colors, more bows, more jingles and more talking stuff. Cause when your car navigator starts discussing the weather while you're driving out of the garage, and worse, when you start talking back to it, that's when you realize what it means, living in a city where machines talk more than people.
I need more tiny little side alleys, old and smoky places where you escape after one day of EVERYTHING, your head still spinning but the pace already slowing down.  何がいいの? Have a drink. People asking where I'm from and where I'm going. You tell me your story I'm gonna tell you mine.
Just let her do her job, let her make us more addicted. I'm addicted to every single moment, every single thing. To places, people, sounds. I'm addicted to the smells, every street has a different one. I'm addicted to the smell of you in the streets of Tokyo, it's like a drug mix. I'm addicted to that precious smile, never showing up without a reason, and the laughs and your eyes digging into my soul so deep that they take my breath..
I need more time, but what's time here? How can you tell that a day has passed in a city that never sleeps?
Whatever, I think I know how it works now. Sleep is overrated. Fine then, I'll have my favorite and talk please, shaken not stirred, you know how I like it. Yes, put it in a bag, I'm taking it out to Harabashi. Got it? Do your かしこまりました thing now, it's not a question. Do you hear any か?

Poi ho dato un nome
a quella che è spazza
ma come scopo non basta
non da un taglio a questa tensione
mi volto e so che mi segue
la sua faccia è fatta di specchi
mi specchio e non mi nascondo
e so che quello è il famoso istante
l'inizio dei miei guai.

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